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The Management Box : a game for those who want to feel thrilled again in managing and pushing their team to smile again !

Management Box, the point ? to take an efficient but fun break, and work on serious stuff to strengthen your team’s performance.

A real learning tool meant to practice and share a kindly, smart and stimulating management.

Why would you take the management box ?

Games in the box are powerful tools as well for boosting the involvement or lessening any pressure…basically, you can’t be more efficient if you want to gather people’s resources, both in terms of their minds and experience.

Therefore, we have tried to gather the ingredients of an apprenticeship in our management box, which should be:

  • Playful, it arouses energy and curiosity from managers
  • Continuous, a playful backup which fosters players to play again and again
  • Collective, games practiced in teams allow, unfolding some shared reflexes
  • Effective, it teaches to turn some practices into daily habits for the team’s sake


1 - Quizz Management Game


Frequency : Whenever you want

The objective : You’ve read the book, haven’t you? This is a mini how-to quiz of the good habits to adopt,
in order to bring back smiles upon the managers’ and his team’s faces !

2 - « What motivates me… »


Frequency : Every 3 months / 45mn

The objective : Identifying your main sources of individual and team motivation.

* Graphical creation : Etienne Appert


    3.1 – « I wanna do on my own…»

    Frequency : Every 6 months / 45mn

    The objective : Identifying your level of autonomy and in which direction it can be improved.

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    3.2 – « Young Padawan will grow up »

    Frequency : Every 6 months / 30mn

    The objective : Progressing in your activities whilst determining learning objectives.

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    3.3 – « What am I useful for ? »

    Frequency : Once a year / 1h

    The objective : Highlighting the contribution of everyone’s role in the overall purpose of the company or department.


    4 - « I really like what you do »

    management box 4

    Frequency : When you need it / 30mn

    The objective : Helping one another to improve, to work on one’s strengths and discover one’s axes of improvement.

    * Graphical creation : Manon Desveaux


      5.1 – « The Fish philosophy »

      Frequency : As you like / 45mn

      The objective : Spreading the concepts of the « Fish philosophy » within your team.

      [/tabitem] [tabitem]

      5.2 – « The annoying stuff »

      Frequency : As you like / 45mn

      The objective : Handling little recurring problems within a team: chores, unproductive tasks and emergencies uselessly stressful.


      6 - The fan of delegation


      Frequency : Whenever you want / 10mn per subject

      The objective : Outlining the level of delegation the team has in terms of decisions: on which subject the team can take the lead
      and decide on its own, on which the decision is shared and which is decided by the manager.

      * Graphical creation : Etienne Appert

      7 - Get to know each other


      Frequency : Every 6 months / 45mn

      The objective : Getting to know each other and developing closer relationships between teammates/colleagues.

      8 - Our team rules

      management box 8

      Frequency : Every 3 months / 1h30 per session

      The objective : Establishing a team agreement on its ways of functioning, by detecting possible annoying stuff to dismiss or handle. Some kind of charter for good behavior between teammates can then be defined.

      * Graphical creation : Manon Desveaux

      9 - Our limiting beliefs


      Frequency : When you need it / 1h

      The objective : Helping the team uncover and minimizing the beliefs preventing the team’s efficiency.

      * Graphical creation : Manon Desveaux

      10 - Practise the one minute management

      management box 10

      Frequency : When you need it / 1mn

      The objective : Developing quick and effective ways of functioning in order to facilitate exchanges and achievement of the team’s purposes. This game develops a state of mind linking efficiency and simplicity.

      11 - And, what about trust ?

      Frequency : When you need it

      The objective : To enable everyone to work together
      on a mutual trust basis, and to commit the development of good habits,
      whether individually or in a team.

      12 - Because we are worth it...!

      Frequency : Once a year

      The objective : To identify the common
      values in the team, and to decide on an operating
      mode in harmony with individual values.

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